About Us

The Trip Trippers: Sikkim Adventures with Your Buddies!

Hey there, travel lovers! Welcome to The Trip Trippers, your casual crew for all things travel and adventure in the incredible Sikkim, India!

Forget stuffy travel blogs – we’re a squad of passionate explorers, storytellers, and adventurers on a mission to share the magic of Sikkim with awesome folks like you.

We Fell for Sikkim, Now It’s Your Turn!

Our story starts right here in Sikkim. We totally fell head over heels for the mind-blowing Himalayas, the vibrant local culture, and the thrill of finding hidden gems off the beaten path. ️

Sharing Sikkim Secrets (and Insider Tips!)

Through our blog, we spill the beans on our adventures, share secret spots, and give you all the insider tips you need to plan your Sikkim trip of dreams. Dreaming of epic treks? Peaceful nature escapes? A cultural deep dive? We got you covered!

Travel Kind, Travel Smart

But hey, it’s not just about ticking places off a list. We’re all about responsible travel, making sure our adventures have a positive impact on the environment and the incredible communities we meet.

Let’s Get Adventuring Together!

So grab your backpack, ditch the boring travel guides, and join us on a journey of discovery, exploration, and epic memories in the enchanting land of Sikkim. Let’s make this trip unforgettable, together!